Neuticles® UltraPlus®
With ScarRetard and Epididymis

Specially designed and hand crafted for previously neutered pets, cryptorchid or monorchid canines, felines and other pets. Now Available!

Introducing Neuticles UltraPLUS® featuring ScarRetard - with Epididymis. An exact and precise reproduction of the pets organ including the Epididymis.

Ultra soft and specially designed to retard scar tissue formation. Available in eight sizes for any sized canine or feline- Neuticles UltraPLUS® with Epididymis is solid silicone- but feels liquid filled- providing the softest most natural implant possible.

PLUS- a specially crafted Scar Retard feature virtually eliminates risk of scar tissue development - guaranteed for the life of the pet!

Each Neuticles UltraPLUS featuring ScarRetard with Epididymis is hand crafted to assure the most natural most realistic reproduction possible. Suture tabs located at the end of the epididymis assures proper anchoring placement for the life of the pet. Eight sizes from XXSmall to XXLarge will fit virtually any sized canine or feline or other pet.

Custom sizing is also available.

New, revolutionary Neuticles UltraPLUS with Epididymis boasts qualities and features NOT AVAILABLE on any human implant today.

Price includes first class postage with tracking, taxes, handling and related charges.

Neuticles®ULTRAPLUS® Featuring ScarRetard and Epididymis
Item # Description Length Per Each
NUE-XXLarge 190 lbs + 2.75" $629  
NUE-X Large 110-190 lbs+ 2.20" $619  
NUE-Large 65-110 lbs 1.79" $609  
NUE-Medium 40-65 lbs 1.50" $599  
NUE-Smed 30-50 lbs 1.25" $589  
NUE-Small 20-30 lbs 1.04" $579  
NUE-X Small 10-20lbs .75" $569  
NUE-XX Small 3-10 lbs .63" $559  
Custom Sizing Available

Neuticles®ULTRAPLUS® Featuring ScarRetard and Epididymis
Item # Description Length Per Each
FELUE - Small 10-30 lbs + .75" $569  
FELUE - X Small 3-10 lbs .63" $559  

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Please Note: Due to a number of reasons we are unable to provide a refund on any implant product sold. If we, however, send the incorrect size on any product, the item will be replaced - but the return will be destroyed due to sterility and quality control issues.

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