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For over two decades CTI Corporation has provided caring pet owners and progressive veterinarians Worldwide with safe, effective and revolutionary pet innovations.

It began in 1995 with patented Neuticles - testicular implantation for pets- helping neuter hesitant pet owners overcome the trauma of altering and allowing their beloved pet to retain its natural look and self esteem.

For over two decades CTI has flourished with the creation of other pet aesthetics and product creations- the only company of its kind on Earth.

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Personalized expert consultation with any of our implantation devices or products. Plus. your assurance of fast delivery and technical product support.

Proudly made in the USA for veterinarians and pet owners Worldwide. Trust CTI - proven, humane solutions for pets and caring owners.

With Neuticles®
     "It's like nothing ever changed"sm

Neutering Stress? Neutering your pet can be stressful, for you and your beloved pet. Since 1995 pet owners Worldwide have selected a perfectly safe option- Neuticles.

Neuticles allows your precious pet to retain his natural look, self esteem and aids the pet and pet's owner with trauma associated with altering. Perfectly safe and complication free. Available in four models including the Neuticles Original, Natural, UltraPLUS with ScarRetard and the UltraPLUS with Epididymis.

If you have questions - or would like a participating facility in your neighborhood - please email or call toll free 888.638-8425 (in US and Canada) or 816.690-8337 outside the US.

New Innovations ...

AllerFADE ®
Stops Allergy Toe Itching FAST!

Unique antibacterial formula stops allergy toe itching on contact. Dries up painful toe sores with continued use. Revolutionary formula leaves a protective shield which stops the itching for up to 48 hours. CLICK HERE to learn details.


Pet Eye Stain Remover

Gently and safely eliminates pesky eye stains when all other methods fail. Simply rub into the affected area and even the most stubborn eye stains will vanish permanently. Available now in 5 oz. ez-applicator bottles. CLICK HERE to order.

Ultra thin, lightweight, undetectable and humane - PermaStay Ear Implantation is designed to restore bent, folded or broken ears on canines or felines whose ears should stand straight but do not.

Good for life - PermaStay Ear Implants is veterinarian tested and approved.

Crafted in part from human quality medically approved surgical mesh PermaStay will restore any adult breed's ear with breathtaking results.

Thousands of canines Worldwide have now been restored with minimal post operative care.

Demand for PermaStay Ear Implants has been overwhelming. Based on veterinary demand - three sized devices are available for any sized canine or feline.

CLICK HERE for the latest details including our new instructional video. Learn how revolutionary PermaStay Ear Implantation can restore your beloved pet.!.

Made in USA - Created by CTI Corporation -
Advancing Pet Technology For a Quarter Century.

New!TempoStay® Ear Supports For Canines

Imagine not having to bandage your puppies ears after cropping. Not having to worry about costly visits to the vet to change the dressing. Not having to worry about your pup ripping off the bandages or the discomfort and stress post operative bandaging creates for you and your beloved pet.

Or, imagine not having to tape your young adult canines ear because of a failed ear crop or post crop break? No more taping, no more discomfort or pet ear hair loss...

TempoStay External Ear Implants are here - and is revolutionizing post ear cropping bandaging and postings!

Crafted from FDA medically approved polypropylene, the 3 3/4" x 3/4" or 2 3/4" x 3/4" stay is scientifically developed and clinically proven to securely and humanely hold a newly cropped ear or failed cropped ear up naturally. Weighing less than a few grams - the pet does not know it's there!

Here's how it works... When the puppy has its ears cropped the veterinarian sutures TempoStay on the inside of the pets ear. TempoStay remains for the same length of time as traditional bandaging. Its easily and painlessly removed my simply snipping the sutures which hold TempoStay in place. And the best part is, the cost is very reasonable !

For floppy young adult dogs ears whose owners would otherwise tape and post - TempoStay replaces that chore as well with the same success rate.

Click here for more information about TempoStay - another advanced pet technology from CTI !

New! CTI Implant Surgical Mesh

FDA medically approved Polypropylene Monofilament Surgical Mesh is a sterile, non-absorbable material ideal for minor ear restorations OR hernia repairs on pets. Shipped sterile in sets of one or three 3" x 4" sheets. Simply trim to fit and place for complication free results.

New! Four Sized Equine Eye Implants

Two new sized eye implants for equine will be added including a 26mm and 28mm for larger sizes equines. CTI currently offers two sizes for equines under 1400 lbs and over 1400 lbs. 14 sizes are currently available for canines and felines- each crafted from FDA medically approved solid silicone.

For the pet owner...

NEW! Get your official Limited Edition My Dog Loves Neuticles bumper sticker- now available! 3" x 6.5" vinyl sticker will compliment any vehicle. Included free with every Neuticles purchase or click here to order.

Featured Product - CTI - ScarGonĀ®

Eliminate Surgical Scars on Pets
Eliminate most scars up to two years old on pets. Simply massage CTI-ScarGonĀ® sparingly on scar twice a day and see permanent results within 14 days.

FDA medically approved for human use - CTI ScarGonĀ® is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Click here for information or to place order.
Neuticles TV Commercial.
Our new commercial will begin airing immediately on national pet shows and in select states nationwide.
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One Lucky Puppy...

Rocky Kardashian, featured on an episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashian's", poses with Kim after being Neuticled.
Revolutionary PermaStay®
Ear Implantation

PermaStay® Ear Implants
Click here for details.

New Instructional Videos
See an actual neutering with Neuticles procedure. The first video is a standard implantation using the Neuticles UltraPLUS.

The second video is the new Neuticles UltraPLUS with epididymis.

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New Downloadable Brochure
Our new brochure is now available for veterinarians or for pet owners to give to their veterinarians when requesting Neuticles.

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