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New AllerFADE
by CTI Corporation is breakthrough technology for pets suffering from
painful allergy related irritation including redness, blisters, sores
and swollen toes.   STOPS PAIN and ITCHING INSTANTLY. 
 A unique blend of FDA Medically Approved antibacterial antiseptic
cleansers will not only stop the pain and itching immediately but will
dry up the affected area with regular use.  The only known product
in the World that stops allergy itching and pain on contact!

Directions For Use 

Soak affected foot with hydrogen peroxide or tepid water. Apply a tablespoon or two of AllerFADE to
the foot, Rub in gently making sure every area of the toes are covered,
Continue to massage into every area of the toes for several minutes and
allow to set for five minutes. Rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide or with
tepid water. 

Wait 48 hours and repeat the process. . Pain and itching will stop
instantly with initial application. But as each day passes you will see
redness, swelling and blisters or sore disappear. Blisters and sores
even around toenails will dry up and fade away. 

It is recommended that AllerFADE be reapplied every week or two to prevent future attacks. 

Provides Protective Barrier 

AllerFADE protects your pet with a protective barrier that kills forming bacteria on
contact for up to 48 hours after each application. Perfectly safe and
100% effective- AllerFADE eliminates harmful and ineffective drugs or fake products that only provide failed results and continued pain for your pet.

Powerful Formula

AllerFADE is an antiseptic, anti microbial skin cleanser possessing bactericidal activities. AllerFADE bonds with the skin to create a protective, germ-killing field. In addition to the fast acting anti microbial effect, AllerFADE contains 4% (chlorhexidine gluconate), a chemically unique hexamethylenebis
biguanide with inactive ingredients: Fragrance, isopropyl alcohol 4%,
purified water, Red 40, and other cleansing ingredients, in a mild, base adjusted to pH 5.0-6.5 for optimal activity and stability as well as compatibility with the normal pH of the skin. 

Stops Allergy Toe
and Ear Itching FAST!

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