CTI Surgical Mesh®

Polypropylene Monofilament Surgical Mesh is a strong, non-absorbable clear polypropylene monofiliments mesh material ideal for minor ear restorations or hernia repairs on pets. Construction employs a 0.004″ fiber with 1.2mm x 1.4mm pore size Shipped sterile in sets of one or three 3″ x 4″ sheets. Simply trim to fit and place for complication free results. FDA medically approved.(Made in USA)

Purchase a single implant or a or a set of 3 in the same size. Click on “Select Options” to choose a size.

CTI Surgical Mesh 3″ x 4″ – One Only$99
CTI Surgical Mesh 3″ x 4″ – Set of 3$249

Please Note: Due to a number of reasons we are unable to provide a refund on any implant product sold. If we, however, send the incorrect size on any product, the item will be replaced – but the return will be destroyed due to sterility and quality control issues.

Made In the USA

Another safe and effective product from CTI Corporation. Advancing pet technology since 1995.

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