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Solid silicone eye aesthetics for canines, felines and equine- or any pet that loses an eye to injury or disease. Eliminates dis-figuration of pets face that would occur otherwise. Simple to place and 100% safe. Quality Crafted in USA. Questions?  Call us at 816-690-8337 or contact us for prompt expert assistance.

Small Animal Eye Implants

  • Now available in 18 sizes: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. 23, 24, 26, 28, 33, 36, and 39mm. (20% discount for veterinarians ordering all 18 sizes to have on hand for emergencies)

  • To determine size needed, simply measure width of the eye in millimeters.

  • For intrascleral or intraorbital applications.

  • Crafted from FDA medical-approved solid silicone- fully autoclavable.

  • Price: $119 each and up.

  • Price includes first class postage with tracking. Orders received today are shipped today! Next Day Air Delivery available.

  • Call us at 816-690-8337 or contact us for additional information.


In this instructional video Dr William E. Schultz of the Schultz Veterinary Clinic in Okemos, MI implants a CT EYE IMPLANT in a canine who lost an eye due to glaucoma. (graphic content) 

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Small Animal Eye Implant (Single) - Available Sizes:
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18$119
19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24$129
26, 28, 33, 36, 39$139

Equine Intraorbital Implant

The most common problems that lead to enucleation of a horse’s eye include malignant neoplasia, penetrating injury to the globe, intraocular infection, and intractable uveitis, with or without glaucoma. In most situations, the surgical method of choice is transpalpebral enucleation, in which the globe, eyelid margins, third eyelid, conjunctiva and lacrimal gland are all removed, exposing the large orbit. To achieve an acceptable cosmetic result, an intraorbital implant is used to fill the void and minimize eventual depression at the surgical site. Three sized devices are available.

Development of Implants

Early intraorbital implants were all spherical. That shape works well in dogs and cats, but is not ideal in horses, whose eyes and orbits are not round. Colorless (pigment-free) non porous equine implants are available in three sizes: standard, medium and large. Sizing is not absolute, but in general:

  • Standard fits ponies, quarter horses and small thoroughbreds (600 to 1200 lbs)

  • Medium fits large thoroughbreds and Warmbloods (1300 to 1600 lbs.)

  • Large for draft breeds (1800 to 2400 lbs)

Ideally, the surgeon will have two sizes available.

The Surgery

To reduce debris as one possible source of contamination, we recommend using an open-ended 3.5 Fr. “tom cat” catheter to thoroughly flush the nasolacrimal duct prior to enucleation, entering through both puncta and flushing into the nose.

After all enucleated tissue has been removed, the sterile implant is placed into the orbit, with the egg-shaped bulbous portion to the back. The slightly curved, broader side of the implant faces to the front. It is positioned so that its surface is approximately even with the face of the horse, preserving the facial profile. Ideally, the implant edges will be within 2-3 mm of the orbital rim. If necessary, the edges and back of the implant can be trimmed with a scalpel blade, so it rests without tension just under the eyelids. The implant is not sutured in place.  With the implant in place, a solid double-layer closer should be used. A horizontal mattress on the skin is recommended. Because some post-operative oozing is common, placing an elastic pressure bandage over the face and around the head is recommended for the first night post-op.

Some post-operative atrophy of orbital tissue over time is unavoidable. Placement of a CTI conforming implant fills the space vacated by the enucleated tissue, markedly reducing depression at the surgical site, improving the horse’s appearance and the client’s satisfaction.

The specially formed equine orbital implant (top-hat style) is available in three sizes. These are colorless.

Special thanks to Dr Gary Bryan, DVM.

  • Molded to be a superb fit for any sized equine. Easily sculpted to fit foals and/or ponies.

  • Lightweight -Conforming Intraorbital .

  • Crafted from FDA medical-approved solid silicone- fully autoclavable.

  • Price: $169 each for (small)  $184 (medium) and $199 (Large) per each.

  • Price includes US Postal Priority shipping with tracking. Orders received are shipped the same day.

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  • Please refer to above weight ranges for size required.

To purchase a single CTEyes® click on “Select Options” to choose a size.

Small - Ponies, Quarter Horses and Small Thoroughbreds (600-1200 lbs)$179.00
Medium - Large Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods (1300-1600 lbs)$194.00
Large - For Draft Breeds (1800 to 2400 lbs)$209.00

Please Note: Due to a number of reasons we are unable to provide a refund on any implant product sold. If we, however, send the incorrect size on any product, the item will be replaced – but the return will be destroyed due to sterility and quality control issues.

Another safe and effective product from CTI Corporation. Advancing pet technology since 1995.

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Orders shipped the same day. Questions?  Call us at 816-690-8337 or contact us for instant support.