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On this page we will begin to feature videos past and present from national tv and local news stories Worldwide – to videos that appear on the internet. Check back often as we will be adding to this page!

What are Neuticles? 

Play Video about Jake Gyllenhaal

"Get the Neuticles - STAT..."

…said neuter hesitant Oscar winning Actor Jake Gyllenhaal  as he appears on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Jake tells why he Neuticled his beloved German Shepherd named Atticus.

The first pet owner in our 27 year history to Neuticle three consecutive pets – Shawna Henri of San Clemente, CA with Eli, a handsome Weimaraner, tells why she Neuters with Neuticles.

Meet Bruno the ‘Incredible Neuticles Talking Dog’ – Bruno tells how excited he is to get Neuticled and how he loves his pet parents for caring about him and maintaining his natural look.

An oldie – but a goody.  People off the street are interviewed about Neuticles.

Watch For Neuticles at the 5 min. 10 second mark…

Neutering With Neuticles Make Neutering Fun!

Neuter Stress? When you neuter with Neuticles, “It’s like nothing ever changed.”

Special thanks to Dr. Chris for featuring a neutering with Neuticles on his Australian TV show Dr. Chris Bondi Vet. “We wanted our English Bulldog to maintain his natural look,” said the pet owner who was delighted with the results. (Video Credit: Dr. Chris Bondi Vet)