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Eliminates Post-Op Ear Crop Bandaging Or Taping On Young Adult Canines

Veterinarian approved – clinically tested. Revolutionary TempoStay® Exterior Ear Supports eliminates the burden of traditional post operative ear crop bandaging. Can also be used in conjunction with PermaStay® Ear Implants. Crafted from FDA medically approved polypropylene, TempoStay® is placed externally on the inner ear and remains for the same length of time that the ear would otherwise be bandaged. Super lightweight – easily removed. TempoStay® can either be sutured into place as shown in the instructional video below – or placed with surgical glue by either the veterinarian or the pet’s owner.

The video above features a certified PermaStay surgeon placing the TempoStay® ear support on a Doberman Pincher.

TempoStay® eliminates post operative bandaging, costs of changing the bandaging, the stress and worry of keeping the bandaging on the pet for weeks on end, heals faster and allows the pet’s owner to see the ear crop results immediately. Best of all, TempoStay® is featherweight- and humane as, unlike bulky bandaging, the pet doesn’t know its there!

TempoStay® Exterior Ear Supports can also be used on failed ear crops where taping is otherwise employed with equal end results. Ideal for non-cropped canine ears which should stand naturally – but do not.

Available in three sizes 3 ¾”, 2 ¾” and 1 ¾” lengths- per each or sets of two.

Purchase a single implant or a pair in the same size. Click on “Select Options” to choose a size.

TempoStay SizeEachPair
1 ¾” Mini$47$89
2 ¾” L$57$109
3 ¾” L$67$129

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