What Veterinarians are Saying about
Neutering with Neuticles®
"If it convinces people to neuter their pet then I'm all for it."
Dr. John Martin
Metairie Small Animal Hospital
Metairie, LA (Times-Piscuayne)

"It's a very simple procedure and is as realistic as the manufacturer boasts."
Dr. Cynthia Edleman
Grove Way Animal Hospital
Castro Valley, CA (CBS News)

"Neuticles not only help's the pet's self-esteem but more importantly helps convince some owners to neuter."
Dr. Mark Claus
Desert Inn Animal Hospital
Las Vegas, NV (Las Vegas Sun)

"We've been waiting for a product like this for years."
Dr. M. Murray
Western Suburbs Veterinary Clinic
Queensland, Australia (PBS Radio)

"I think more chaps would agree to neuter their pet if they knew about Neuticles."
Dr. Simon Meyer
Elizebeth Street Veterinary Clinic
London, England (London Daily Telegraph)

"Those that have hesitated to neuter for all the obvious reasons may now rest easier now that there are Neuticles."
Dr. L. Seward
Peterman Road Animal Hospital
Pottstown, PA (PSA Radio)

"If a simple, harmless procedure brings more people in to have their pets neutered- in a country where over 17 million pets are put to sleep each year- that's fine with me."
Dr. Alicia Boyce
Radcliff Veterinary Hospital
Radcliff, KY (Kentucky Leader-Statesman)

"Neuticles are going to make a difference to some clients. Give your clients the choice and let them decide."
Dr Everett Mobley
Kennett Veterinary Clinic
Kennett, MO (PSA Radio)

"Neuticles are completely safe."
Dr. Andrea Y. Tu
Park East Medical Hospital
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