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Neuticles® PromoPak for Participating Clinics and Hospitals

Let your neuter hesitant clients know there is a 100% safe and effective option available at your progressive facility with the new Neuticles PromoPak.

It contains a multi color 9" x 6" counter sign, 50 4"x4" tri-folded consumer brochures, two static cling (no messy glue) window decals, bumper stickers and buttons. Also included is a "thank you" card with a 25% off offer for your next order.

Just call or email and we will rush the kit to you today at no charge!

Neutering with Neuticles®
Once familiarized with the patented CTI procedure normal tunic implant time is two to three minutes per testicle and five to 10 seconds for scrotal placement.

Although every effort has been made to include all surgical information with the formal surgical procedure, a toll-free help line is available to answer questions you may have. The toll-free number is 1-888-638-8425 or (816) 690-8337 (outside US & Canada) or Email:

Neuticles are fully autoclavable and is the recommended sterilization technique. Gas sterilization can cause tissue irritation and is not recommended. Neuticles should be autoclaved at up to 260 (df) for up to 20 minutes.

Sterilization is absolutely essential.

It is recommended that a drop of penicillin be placed on each Neuticle prior to implantation. This step adds a secondary sterilization and serves as a lubricant for ease of placement.

Pre-examination is suggested to assure correct implant sizing. If too large, the placement of Neuticles will either not fit in the tunic and if forced into the tunic may lead to short term fluid buildup. In cases (1 in 100) where larger than natural-sized Neuticles were implanted, the pet developed short term post-operative swelling. It is recommended that Neuticles be slightly smaller than the pets natural testicles.

Sizing can also be determined simply by providing us the pet's age, weight and breed. Upon implant arrival, compare the Neuticles to the pet's natural testes. If there is a dramatic size difference we will rush the correct size.

Post operative anti-inflammatory medication is recommended. For active pet's place pet on anti-inflammatory meds several days prior to procedure.

When a larger than natural implant is placed adjustment time is from four to ten days. It is strongly recommended that the Neuticles be the same size or preferably slightly smaller than the pets natural testicles to assure procedural success.

In very rare cases where post operative swelling occurs DO NOT assume the pet is "rejecting" the implant. The swelling is caused either by: trauma to the surgical area and would occur whether the Neuticles were there or not and or oversized implants.

If you encounter concerns please contact us immediately for assistance.

Severe trauma to the surgical area can cause mild to extreme fluid buildup. When surgical area is no longer traumatized the fluid normally absorbs back into the body within 24 to 36 hours. Rarely is drainage required and should be employed in extreme cases.

Post Operative Care
Remind client to restrict pet's activity for up to 10 days following the procedure.

There has been no reported complications in over 500,000 commercially implanted canines and felines by over 25,000 veterinarians in all 50 states and 49 countries when implanted as directed. Refer to medical disclosures for initial field studies and related data. (Revised 01/13)


While Neuticles have maintained a quarter century 100% success rate when placed as directed, a web site known as Veterinary Information Network (VIN) has allowed some of their participants to express blatantly false and misleading information concerning Neuticles and the patented surgical procedure to appear on their site.

VIN has repeatedly denied our company from allowing us to address those libelous remarks and claims.

After gaining access to the VIN site, a number of false and misleading remarks and claims by some veterinarians who have never performed the procedure and have virtually no knowledge of the product- were discovered.

We urge you- the veterinarian- to contact us for a listing of participating clinics and hospitals in your area to learn the facts..

Over 25,000 progressive veterinary clinics and hospitals in all 50 states and 49 countries Worldwide appreciate that Neuticles are encouraging neuter hesitant pet owners to neuter that simply would not before. As a result, pet overpopulation is being reduced and those Neuticled pets are living happier, healthier and longer lives.

Please Note: Due to a number of reasons we are unable to provide a refund on any implant product sold. If we, however, send the incorrect size on any product, the item will be replaced - but the return will be destroyed due to sterility and quality control issues.

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